The moving story of Ruby Bridges

US Marshals escort Ruby Bridges to and from school (Public Domain — wiki)

A detailed look at the turning point for the French emperor

Painting by Vasili Veresjtsjagin

DART, the NASA mission to give an asteroid ‘a nudge’

Representation of the DART spacecraft approaching Dimorphus, with the Italian LICIACube in the lower right.
NASA/Johns Hopkins, APL/Steve Gribben

Why does China want to swallow up Taiwan?

Taiwanese Flag (Wikipedia public domain)

Contrary to what many say, Hitler did fight in a battle in WWI

Battalion courier Adolf Hitler in May 1915 with his rifle slung over his shoulder. Hitler is on his way to delivering a message. (Wiki, Public Domain)

Hitler in the Great War

Rocky debris, the remains of a disintegrating planet, is sucked towards a white dwarf.
NOIRLab / NSF / AURA /J. da Silva / M. Zamani / M. Kosari (NSF’s NOIRLab)/CC BY_SA 4.0

Operation Walküre: The plan, the conspirators, course, and consequences

Operation Walküre — The Wolfsschanze after the bombing — Photo: Bundesarchiv

Heinz Guderian, ca. 1944 (CC BY 2.0 — Cassowary Colorizations — wiki)

Youth and early military career


Interested in almost everything but especially history, science and technology

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